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We run your office, whilst you run your business

Virtual Office Assistant

What do we do?

Free My Time Up provides small and medium sized businesses with reliable office support either from a remote location or at your offices; allowing you to do what you do best and run your business.


Ideal for businesses who don't need full time Personal Assistants, Communications Experts, Book-keepers or Office Managers, but who do need these services from time to time.


Free My Time Up is registered for Data Protection with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office).

The benefits

Free My Time Up offers a wide range of office services to support you as an individual or as a business.  The beauty of Free My Time Up is the flexibility.  We charge by the hour which means you control the budget, employ us when you need to, whether it be daily, weekly or quarterly, we are happy to help.  No minimum contracts just pay as you go.


There are no additional staff costs for you to incur, no holiday pay, or work place pensions, just an hourly rate for the work you want carried out.  As we are self employed there is no tax implications from your side, you just pay our invoice for the work that we have carried out. 

Contact Us: email             Tel: 07818 440940 / 01371 238236

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